We need different types of volunteers at different stages of our development. We plan to share food buying and cooking with clients, perhaps clients cooking on one evening, and volunteers on another.

And organising all of that can be quite complicated…. And incessant, as every housewife knows…. And doing gardening …. and taking care of utilities….. and organising street collections or fundraising events… But supporting clients in a number of ways is the more difficult: counselling in aspects of benefits, and addiction and mental health and job-seeking. And gaining people’s trust.

Volunteering can be rewarding – meeting interesting people, giving you an insight into the problems of people you might not normally mix with -- on the margins of society. Homeless clients know that volunteers are unpaid, and that they simply help because they care. Clients know we are different from Council or state employees. Of course, you must live within a reasonable distance of Braintree. You will be paid for expenses incurred, including mileage if you operate regularly or at some distance.

Hope House - helping the homeless in Braintree, Essex