Hope House Community

Helping those who are vulnerable to homelessness..

Hope House Community was launched at the beginning of November 2020, following a successful application for funding to the National Lottery, with the aim of supporting all those locally who are vulnerable to homelessness. 

We employ 2 part time staff who offer support for our ex-residents to reduce any isolation they may experience and to mitigate the risk of them becoming homeless again. Simple things such as sending a message to check they are OK, accompanying them to appointments, listening to any worries or problems they may have or offering advice on interviews can all make the difference for someone who is just starting to navigate the complexities of life on their own. Such support can make a significant difference to those who have experienced homelessness by giving them the support they need to become reintegrated and play a fully functioning role into society. This will have many benefits for the individual including improving their self-worth, enabling them to achieve their potential and to avoid the misery and isolation of homelessness again. Furthermore, the benefits for society are that this will reduce the cost of, and demand on services such as mental health services, drug and addiction support, housing groups and the criminal justice system. 

In addition to supporting our ex-residents, our staff work proactively to prevent local people from becoming homelessness through working in conjunction with the local homelessness panel at the Council and by offering advice and signposting those at risk to local support agencies.

In the current climate where incomes are unreliable, unemployment is rising and people are struggling to pay mortgages and rent, the work we do has never been more important. Although we have received Lottery funding for this project, your donations help us to stretch this even further. If you can, please donate what you can on our donation page.